Leave the Porch Light On

by Cab

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Cab is
Charles Barrington (Guitar, harmonica, Vocals)
Jonathan Tully (Bass and backing Vocals)
All additional performances by Jason Kent

All songs written by Charles Barrington except: Someone to Lean on (Barrington/Tully) and Man in the Window (Barrington/Dahme)

Recorded and Mixed by Jason Kent (Field Recordings) 2010/11
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering 2011
Art and Concept by Kim Poulin

Special thanks to Jen C. and Anne Marie for putting up with our ridiculous schedules for the past year(s). Thanks to Jason and Jen M., MMJ Reid, 950/956 Laporte, and to all of our friends and family for their endless support. Without all of you this record could not have been possible.


released October 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Cab Montréal, Québec

In late 2010, Cab teamed up for the third time with producer/musician Jason Kent (Sunfields) to produce their longest and most developed batch of recordings to date.”Leave the Porch Light On” features nine alt-country-blues pieces concerning love, heartache, redemption, death, compassion and whiskey drinking. The album is set to be released in October 4 2011 independently. Upon the albums release, ... more

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Track Name: Someone To Lean On
I’ve been around the world tryin’ to find myself
But all i found was a wishing well
It was a good start
Cuz you got to dream
But now careful what you lookin for
Cuz nothin ain’t what it seems

Like Sweet young Suzy, she was my friend
She’d said we’d be till the end
But oh no,
She got between my sheets
“Get off you back Suzy,
Cuz i could be someone to lean on”

Four years down the line we came face to face
This time it was me chasin the ace
I said slow down baby,
Its all good
She said “if you wanna get with this
Just one thing’s got to be understood”

She said “You Know i dig you baby
But i got to be frank
Too many men i keep like money in the bank”
I said “slow down Suzy, whats that mean about me?”
She said “I make you under the table
I’ll spend you like something cheap”

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Show me a woman that a man can Trust
I might be young but i ain’t dumb
And i know when im being used

Down this old road no one can foresee
Life is what happens to you, to me
and sweet suzy
She took a turn for the worst
She spends her nights alone
Trying to drown what she calls a curse

She said “tell me tell me tell me
which way to go
I need some help, i just cant on my own
and she looked at me
She got on her knees
I said “get off you knees suzy
I can be someone to lean on”
Track Name: Wild Child
We first met eyes on the younger side of seventeen
She already had
a mouth like a whip and eyes as faded as her jeans
Introduced by friends i was right away beside myself
So naturally
She could see through me, see through all complexity
When she bit my lip and i got weak
I beg for mercy

She was wild, wild, wild
a Wild Child

She said “Be careful with me, they say im wild they say im crazy”
I said “wild means free, and crazy, well thats fine with me”
She took me to her bed where i cried
I cried for mercy

She was wild, wild, wild, wild child
The further on i go,
the more i learn the more i want to know
she was wild wild wild wild child

Well i cant explain any of these thoughts in my brain
But it wont be long, i’ll turn this verse into a song

She spent all my money on cheap wine smokes and cocaine
But she blew me away, with every word she’d come to say
and when all was consumed, so was i
and she was gone

I beg for mercy
Track Name: Sweet Summer
Sweet summer, pale green leaves
I found love beneath
a willow tree
She’s my only, lovin sweet
she give me everythign
and prays for me

Aint it strange how seasons move so fast
how come anything thats cool dont last
My ignorance was so damn blissful
When i look back on my days of war
my eyes dont see no more

I got friends they are near and far
we all livin ‘neith the same ol stars
call on me my brother, when you need a friend
call on me, i’ll be there

Aint it strange how season move so fast
how come anything thats goof dont last
Naivety was so blissful
And i look back on my days of way
My eyes dont see no more
Track Name: Man In The Window
Garnet was the son of an ol time milker
Born in the middle of four boys
never connected with any but his mother
he’ll say it was his choice
He bought an ol used Honda by the age of fourteen
he tore up them Telegorum greens
never look back, while never lookin forward
livin life in between

Run, run, dont stop your runnin
I’ll catch you up some day
Ignore your feelings, ignoring all your worries
furthermore ignore your pain
My, my, oh my my he took the money for the pie
Fleeced the fest, headed out east
I dont remember ever saying goodbye
By who knew what was said
I know now
That what you see is definitely what you get
what is believed is far more real
Inside your head

They said that accidents happen for a reason
and people dont ever change
your father was a roadhouse junkie
you ‘gon end up the same
But i aint never bite the hand that feeds me
ive never put my own in the fire
if all you people believe me
you dont know im a liar

And i learned


The man in the window is dead (x3)
who knew what was said

The man in the window is dead
Track Name: Lola
Oh Lola, baby wont you come on home
Float on down from your place in heaven
shown me that im not alone
if you dont mind stayin, i could use a friend

Oh Lola, honey had i done you wrong
i know i never let ya into my kitchen
but you were in my heart all along
honey i tried, i tried to keep you alive

Now you’re gone but the frame remains
all your memories instilled in pains
climb up the vine for one more kill
come spin your web on my window sill

Oh Lola, honey i still can’t tell
when you were lookin through the wondow at me
could you only see yourself
was our love in vain? Did you see me the same?

Track Name: Porch Light
I believe in a world, a world thats free
But i can’t seem to shake the shackles
my baby puts on me
what would it take to get some sense outta me
i’ll some back, right into you

Baby leave the porch light on (x3)
Because tonight, im comin home

Well she questions my intentions
but you can bet she never mentions hers
i told her once, i told her twice
Three times “i dont know”
I dont wanna talk or shout out loud
Just leave me be

Track Name: One Foot
Day to day and stone to stone
With my bare hands i built you a home
for love to live, learn and grow
so if you leave, stay gone

I push and i pulled i give and i take
You pull the wool and push me away
but you giving up is all i can take
so if you go, stay away

And all thw while, the flames went wild
oh how little did i know
you were two steps from our burning bed
with one foot out the door

One western lines on borrowed time
Protect whats yours neglect whats mine
in all the time and sacrifice
never saying whats one your mind

Track Name: The Last Place
In my heart, you found a home
where youre free to meander and rome
and your breath, a secrets kept
that you hold from your own

They say only love will break your heart
and leave you back in the dark
and passion is just a flame that will die
on me oh my

So many things that i wanna say
but the more i think about you
the more my heart breaks

When im lost and i cant find my way
I think about the last place
i held my baby
Home is where my honey sleeps at night
i just wanna hang my hat and say good night

Well my momma, said “son,
Dont break your heart on just any one
Cuz ther’e’s none as bright
as the first one that you meet in the dark of night

And there are soo many things
that’ll make a man stray
And i’m trying hard now
to keep her words at bay